Who Is Juan Pablo Galavis' Ex-Girlfriend, Carla Rodriguez?

Juan Pablo is looking for love again, but who's the lady who already stole his heart?

Juan Pablo Galavis' Ex-Girlfriend, Carla Rodriguez

After counting the days, we can finally watch the sexy Juan Pablo Galavis begin his quest for love as the newest Bachelor.

But as every good Bachelor fan already knows, there's another lady in Juan Pablo's life—his beautiful four-year-old daughter, Camila. And with a daughter comes a baby mama, so who is the stunning brunette who formerly won Juan Pablo's heart?

Meet the stunning Carla Rodriguez:


She's an actress ...
According to her Twitter page, Camila's mama has found success as a television actress on shows in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and the U.S.

 ... and a model. I mean, just look at her photo. 
With those cheekbones and eyes, it's little wonder that Carla is a part of the model/actress club. 

She's local.
Carla was born in Venezuela, but now lives in Miami (as does Juan Pablo), so the pair can easily share custody of Camila.

She's a doting mom.
Carla's Twitter and Instagram feeds are full of pictures of her and Camila. One thing's for sure: Whoever dates Juan Pablo will definitely be getting to know Carla, too!


She's beyond supportive of her ex's search for love.
No need for the lady with the final rose to worry about any ex drama. Carla is all for Juan Pablo's 'journey' to find love. She's tweeted and RTd many posts and interviews about his upcoming season. Fingers crossed she makes a cameo or two this season!

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