The Strange Fear That's Putting A Damper On This Marriage

A bizarre drinking problem sent this couple to therapy.

Alcohol being poured

As you were partying up like it was 2013 on New Year's Eve, you were probably having fun and letting the drinks flow without a care. You may have made a resolution to better yourself or your relationship with others, bringing nothing but hope for the new year to come. However this couple may have had a very different night than you all because the husband has a very unique fear that's putting a damper on his marriage.


Despite the obvious reasons, like dealing with change and keeping up with commitment, anyone would say that marriage is hard. As a single person or even someone who's engaged, you would never guess that some of the toughest struggles in your future marriage that can you place you into therapy would be something like a unique fear.

For this couple this situation is a very real situation and not just a possible scenario. Many couples have been torn apart by a deep-rooted drinking problem, but the drink problem this man has is unlike anything you've heard before.

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