Move Over, North. Another Kardashian Baby Joining The Fam?

Oh boy. Does Rob Kardashian have a secret son? Find out the details ... and who the mom may be!

Rob Kardashian

Looks like Mason and Penelope Disick and North West aren't the only Kardashian babies crawling around: Rob Kardashian may have a secret son!

Sources tell Star that Kardashian revealed the news when a visitor saw a teddy bear on his bed at the annual Kardashian Klan Christmas party. When asked who the toy was for, a witness claims, "He said that it was a present for his son."

Another insider said, "The possibility that Rob may have a child has been the buzz in the Kardashian circle for a while, but no one knows for sure. And no one will talk about it."


Kardashian has hinted at his secret love child before. In May, he posted a missive on Instagram that read, "Shout to to God … Shout out Mom, shout out to my son's mom cuz she been holding me down since high school n shout out to my son Robert the Third. lol," which he promptly deleted. Odd, right? 

He also shared a telling exchange over Twitter with Nicole Richie in 2009, in which she teased him about never seeing his son—who was (and still is) a secret. Rob replied at the time, "My son unfortunately doesn't stay in L.A. You know that. Don't remind me."

So who's the baby momma? Apparently a fling Kardashian had in Miami four years ago ... a fling who does not want flashing lights in her face. The source said, "There's a good chance that the child's mother wants nothing to do with the fame, and that's why she's staying so hush." Kardashian reportedly is planning to move to Miami soon, and his bambino may well be the reason why.


And what about Mama Kris Jenner's thoughts on the subject?

Well, you won't get them out of her, that's for sure. "Any time it's even mentioned, Kris changes the subject. For whatever reason, Kris is fearful that Rob being a father could hurt the [Kardashian] brand ... Kris may not be able to ignore the buzz about him being a father any longer!" Right, because Kardashian being a very public slut shamer (just Google "Rob Kardashian Rita Ora" for proof) is so great for their family name.

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