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Best Celebrity Sex Quotes On Twitter


This week, we turned to Twitter to find the best of the best in celebrity sex quote land. And boy, did we strike gold!



"Well this is a first I have a "peeping tom". An adorable older woman is waving at me from the building next door…located on Fifth Avenue!" – Joan Rivers


"I just favorited my own tweet and now I feel like I jerked off in the virtual world" – Seth Rogen


"Beyoncé should have just named the new album 'f*ck mix'" – Whitney Cummings


"I don't really care if I'm good in bed or not because by the time you know for yourself - I DID IT! Hehehehehe!" – Chris D’Elia


"I love thinking about Sally Hawkins and Andrew Dice Clay googling each other when they found out they were playing a couple in Blue Jasmine" – Mindy Kaling


"I want to have sex wearing my new sandals" – Dane Cook