21 Things You Never Knew About 'Boy Meets World'

'Boy Meets World'

Are we the only ones excited beyond belief about the Boy Meets World spinoff, Girl Meets World? Write it down — the highly anticipated show debuts June 27!

It's been 13 years since our fave couple ever has been on-screen together, so our DVRs are already geared up and ready to go! Before Cory & co. return this June, check out these 21 things you may not know about the Disney classic:

Shawn almost quit the show! Around season five, Rider Strong was going to quit and go to college, but they promised to work around his school schedule.


Mr. Feeny and Dean Bolander are married in real life as well as on the show. They've been married for 62 years!


Danielle Fishel wasn't originally cast as Topanga, but the alternate actress was let go and Danielle got the part.


Cory and Shawn are the only two actors to have appeared in all 158 episodes of the show.


Ever notice the cafeteria rules at John Adams High? "No loud talking, no reading, no shooting."


There are three episodes that have since been banned from the Disney Channel because of dialogue about teen drinking and pre-marital sex.


Topanga has five different parents throughout the show. Three different actors played her father and two actresses played her mother.


Topanga is named after Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles. Producer Michael Jacobs was driving past the location when they asked for a name for the character.


Even though Matthew Lawrence plays Shawn Hunter's older brother, Rider Strong is actually two months older than Matthew.


Cory's real name on the show is Cornelius. We are glad they stuck with Cory!

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You never figure out how Cory and Topanga met. There are multiple stories of how the infamous couple met and no one knows for sure!


Minkus was supposed to be named Stuart Lempke, but there was already a Stuart Lempke who lives in Philadelphia.


Trina McGee—who plays Angela—is 44 years old IRL now! She is ten years older than Rider Strong.


There have been 5 different theme songs for Boy Meets World over the years.


Who is Nebula Lawrence? They mention Topanga's older sister in one episode and then she is never spoken of again.


Cory was originally supposed to have two best friends, but none of the actors lasted longer than a couple episodes. There is actually a specific chair in the cafeteria for the second best friend that is referred to as the "death chair."


Rider Strong was the first and only person to audition for the role of Shawn Hunter. After his audition, Michael Jacobs sent everyone else home.


In the famous scene when Topanga cuts her long hair, Danielle Fishel didn't hesitate at all. She was totally okay with cutting it on the show.


We're obsessed with Freaks and Geeks, but we will never forget that Linda Cardellini was the bitch who almost broke Cory and Topanga up forever.


Rider was sick of his signature haircut by the second season, but the producers wouldn't allow him to cut it!

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In the final scene of the show, Danielle Fishel's tears are completely real. She was so sad the show was coming to an end … and so were we!