Hey Y'all! 7 Awesome Reasons To Start Dating A Southern Belle!

Who wouldn't want to be called "darlin'" and "baby"?

southern woman

For the men out there looking to wrangle themselves a southern lady, trust us: they're as sweet as the tea.

You've dated New Yorkers (too assertive), California girls (too much sun) and even girls from the Midwest (too much cheese) but nothing — nothing — will quite prepare you for dating a little southern charmer. Life in the south is sweeter, slower and way more satisfying.

Need proof? We checked in with tons of southern women to find out just why dating a woman south of the Mason-Dixon was better – and they agreed. Here's why:


1. They know how to make a mean meal.
Is the way to your heart through your stomach? Congratulations, you've got yourself someone to whip you up every delight you've ever dreamed — just make sure it's fried.

2. They're close to their families.
No mommy and daddy issues here. Southern families are big, tight-knit and they'll make you feel at home, right away.

3. They've got that Damsel-in-Distress act down pat.
It's a huge turn-on for a guy when they can help a woman out. It makes them feel masculine and needed. And Southern women have mastered that doe-eyed look better than any spot in the nation.


4. They respect the art of football.
A girl you can tailgate with and watch games with all day long? Be still my heart.

5. They aim to please.
Northern women won’t coddle you as a much as a Lady of the South will. When you’re not feeling your best, a Southern woman will tend to your every need (yep, we’re talking about in the bedroom, too).

6. They can hold their own.
In the bar, in the bedroom, at work — anywhere. So when you challenge them, be ready to lose.

7. They've mastered that pretty little accent.
So if you weren't already hooked, trust us, you will be. Who wouldn't want to be called "darlin'"and "baby"? In fact, southern accents are considered the most attractive in the country, according to a new study from Cupid.com. Hear that, y'all? 


Have anything else to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below.