23 Signs You're Addicted To 'Once Upon A Time'

'Once Upon A Time'

Do you daydream about your fairy tale prince coming to rescue you? Are you thinking that life would be way better if you had magic powers? Here are 23 symptoms to identify your addiction to Once Upon a Time:

First and foremost, how sexy is Captain Hook? You called dibs the first moment you laid eyes on him:


You get overly excited every time they bring on a new fairy tale character:


When someone makes a rude comment about the show:


The fact that Snow and Charming are engaged in real life has restored your faith in humanity:

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This show is amazing, but this whole season taking place in Neverland was the worst:


And then when they finally got back to Storybrooke, Peter Pan tried to make it a "new" Neverland:


You were kind of a wreck when you thought Neal died:


Every time you wear a leather jacket you feel like you could be Emma Swan:


You have been struggling over the fact that you absolutely love Regina, even though you're supposed to hate her:


She really just wanted to marry the stable boy and it really is all Snow's fault he died:


Somewhere around your house is a collection of Disney movies on DVD and VHS:


Which is why you were annoyed when you found out Rumpelstiltskin was also the beast:

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Sometimes Snow's overly optimistic attitude annoys you:


When Wren from Pretty Little Liars appears on OUAT as Prince Phillip:


And then they cast Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and you've been counting down the days to see him without a shirt on:

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You've tried hard to avoid Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, but you couldn't stop watching it:


When you found out that Pan was Rumpelstiltskin's father:


And then you realized Peter Pan isn't supposed to be old enough to have a child:


Your friends are sick of you pretending like magic is real:


Even though you know Emma should get back together with Neal:


A big part of your soul wants her to date Hook:


Sunday nights have become a sacred ritual:

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And now that the show is on hiatus, you feel like you're going through a breakup: