The Best Book Gifts For Any Relationship Stage

Romantic Gifts: The Best Books For Any Love Stage

The holidays can be dicey if you're dating someone: What should you give your new lover as a gift? On one hand, you don't want to be too safe (you can do better than chocolate); on the other, you don't want to go too risqué (no, guys, she doesn't want edible panties). Like in so many other areas of life, books are the solution! This holiday season, you can give your crush something spicy, which shows off your flirty side, or one that shows off your emotional depth. We've got the perfect books for you, whether you're just flirting or aiming to please a longtime partner.

1. The Dud Avocado

You've detected a spark: The Dud Avocado

Because: This flirty story set in Paris will get your gift recipient daydreaming about future romantic journeys together.

2. Chocolat

You've been on one date: Chocolat

Because: Three words: pagan chocolate festival. Which, ideally, the beginning of every relationship should feel like.

3. A Sport and a Pastime

You're ready to seal the deal: A Sport and a Pastime

Because: This is maybe the sexiest book ever written. And it's short, so they'll blitz through the story and you can get down to it.

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Originally by Nathan Rustron