Man Sells "Satan's" Engagement Ring On Craigslist

Engagement ring in a box

Man sells engagement ring on Craigslist, but gives a warning that Satan wore it.

Once an engagement is broken there is a lot of disappointment and heartbreak. Many people try to get through these feelings by purging the old to find something new which of course includes the ring.

We know that many celebrities auction off bling once their love turns sour, but one guy has decided to put his ex's engagement ring up on Craigslist to sell. The ad for the ring is as awesome and odd as you would expect from a scorned lover. Mostly because he decides to tell Craigslist shoppers that the woman he bought it for is Satan. It doesn't stop there! Even though he is trying to get money for the ring he gives shoppers a warning to anyone who may buy the ring or wear it in the future that would give any superstitious person pause.

If you're not superstitious however then you may have just found a good deal because the ring doesn't look half bad! After all, the man says that he spent "a sum of money far greater" than he's comfortable to admit.

You can find the amusing Craigslist ad here: Man Sells 'Satan' Ex's Engagement Ring in Brilliantly Bitter Craigslist Ad

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