8 Very Brave Women Reveal Their BIGGEST Sex Regrets

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As the saying goes, men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and it couldn't be more true when it comes to regrets both genders have about their sex lives.

In a recent study conducted by the University of Texas and University of California-Los Angeles, researchers set out to prove that regret is part of the evolutionary process when it comes hooking up, and its findings were pretty interesting.

While men most often think they should've slept with more people or been more sexually adventurous, women most often regretted having sex with the wrong partner. 

The main regrets for women also included losing their virginity to the wrong partner, cheating and moving too fast. 

"The consequences of casual sex were so much higher for women than for men, and this is likely to have shaped emotional reactions to sexual liaisons even today," said Martie Haselton, a UCLA social psychology professor who worked on the project.

We polled women of all ages to find out their biggest I-really-wish-I-hadn't moments when it comes to their sex life, past and present.

1. "Having sex with my boss. I had to work with him for six months after, co-workers gossiped and it was just awkward." -Elizabeth, 24

2. "My biggest sexual regret was falling for a gigolo. He was a personal trainer and would date older women who bought him things. He didn't consider it cheating." - Sam, 36

3. "I regret having a boyfriend the first two years of college because clearly it didn't work out, and I could've been having more fun those years."- Monica, 23

4. "I would have lowered my expectations when it came to losing my virginity. I didn't understand what the hype was about. I thought, 'This is what people wait for? Not impressed.' Thank God it's gotten better since then."- Jessica, 42 

5. "I regret not having more relationships, obviously sex included, before marrying my high school sweetheart." - Maria, 58

6. "Online dating sites. I met a guy and we had sex, and I never heard back from him again. He didn't even ask for my phone number."- Lisette, 28 

7. "Having sex with losers. No job, they couldn't afford me. I settled ... but they were fun." - Vicky, 47

8. "I regret losing my virginity before I was ready. I felt pressured because it seemed like everyone was doing it, and I had a boyfriend who I loved, so I thought I was 'supposed' to. But I just wasn't ready at all." - Lisa, 26