What Women Really Think ... Of Bald Guys

What Women Really Think ... Of Bald Men

If Breaking Bad taught us anything, it's that bald heads are hot. Would anyone kick Walter White or Jesse Pinkman out of bed because of their lack of hair? Granted, they were shaved, but what about the rest of population of a bald dudes who are bald simply because that's the card they were dealt?

With a photo of everyone's favorite charmer Sir Patrick Stewart as an example, we asked ladies what they thought of guys who are balding, or totally bald. Granted, Patrick Stewart, based on his Twitter and so much more, was definitely setting the standard high, but the question had to be asked.

It's About Confidence
"I like when dudes commit to shaving their heads instead of doing the weird patchy thing or trying to comb hair around so it looks like they have more. Just own it, dude," says Lilit, 31.

"Confidence and personality win over hair/lack thereof every time," says Lauren, 35.

"Bald is ballsy! I love a man with a bald dome and a kick ass goatee … know what I mean, girl?" says Melissa, 34. (Side note: my aversion to goatees made me not know what she meant. But I digress.)

When The Balding Does Start, It's Best To Quit With The Denial
"It's the time between hair and bald I'm not into. So I'm not so into the balding phase. Just shave it off. Go bald. Be free," says Autumn, 24.

But Sometimes A Girl Just Wants To Run Her Fingers Through Some Hair
"Patrick Stewart is rockin' it. Okay, in all seriousness ... I would say that I DO love to run my fingers through a guy's hair. Still, that wouldn't stop me from thinking a guy is sexy. Case in point: Taye Diggs. Shine on, guys," says Allie, 23.

"Hair preferred — because then you get to pull on it — but if a guy is bald that's by no means a dealbreaker. Depending on how he dresses, his body, how he carries himself, etc. it can look rockin'," says Diana, 35.

"Having hair to run my fingers through ... I find that irresistible. I LOVE running my fingers through a guy's hair," says Monika, 25.

And Then, Of Course, Everyone Just Loves Patrick Stewart — Even If He's Old Enough To Be Our Grandfather
"YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT PATRICK STEWART. That is my only contribution to this because otherwise I really don't care about baldness/non-baldness," says Alle, 29.

"Can I just say yes to Patrick Stewart forever?" asked Colleen, 29.

Takeaway? You may be self-conscious about your balding, but a lot of women are either indifferent, or think it's hot. However, as we also learned, every guy will lose if a woman is forced to choose between him and Patrick Stewart. Sorry, guys, but that's just how it goes.

How do you feel about bald men? Tell us in the comments below!

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