Get In The Spirit Together! DIY Decorations For The Holidays

Couples: Homemade Decorations For The Holidays

'Tis the season for decorating!

Everyone loves to decorate for the holidays, so why not get crafty with your decor this season? We've rounded up some of our favorite DIY ideas for the holiday season. Gather some friends and wine and get ready to have some creative fun.

From giving thanks on a tree to decorating wine bottles for centerpieces, click through to see what sparks your interest for new additions to your home.

Re-use wine bottles or jars to recreate this festive holiday decoration Using glitter spray, paint and stick-on letters, you can create a beautiful holiday vase. You can also fill the bottle with lights to give it extra sparkle and glow. To make it even more decorative, you can place candles around it, along with garland or cranberry vine.


Add a little pizazz to your already-existing snowman and Christmas tree decorations by turning your home into a winter wonderland Using mason jars, you can glue a tree, snowman or anything else you want to use to the top. Surround it with white glitter, cotton balls or sparkle snow. You can spray paint the inside of the jar with glitter paint and add as much extra glitter as you want to create a snowfall sparkle effect.To make it more festive, you can place the snow sparkle around the jars or lay lights around them to make them glisten a little more.


Turn any ordinary candle into a fun, festive centerpiece for the table, coffee table, or even bathroom Use different colored ribbon around the top or the bottom of the candle, along with an array of beads to give a pop of color. Top it off with glitter or lay a string of beads around the bottom to give it that extra touch.