Love Bytes: 10 Things That Drive Men Crazy (In A Bad Way)

Plus, how do you regain trust after he catches you snooping?

Love Advice: Things That Drive Your Boyfriend (And All Men) Crazy

Yes, he loves you. And sure, he would do anything to keep you happy (or brighten your mood when you aren't). But there are some quirks of yours that absolutely makes him want to pull his hair out and these are all things your boyfriend will be too afraid to tell you. (AskMen)

You wouldn't think that you could auction off your virginity twice ... but that's what this woman did. (Huffington Post Weird News)


The NBA regular season kicked off a little while ago and we think these dancers are just stunningly sexy! (Bleacher Report)

This woman's husband was bedridden in a hospital for a week ... and what she did to cheer him up was amazing. (Huffington Post Good News)

Romcoms are so cliched, right? What's even worse is how they oftentimes give men false hope when it comes to "getting the girl." Sorry to break it to you guys, but love just isn't that simple. (Ranker)

It's a dilemma in all relationships: How do you maintain open intimacy without losing the "mystery"? (A New Mode)

Do you ever wish your partner would just see things from your point of view? This gadget is a relationship saver. (Plunder Guide)


Think your love life is bad? These ladies apparently have it way worse. (The Daily Beast)

He caught you snooping on his phone ... now how do you get the trust back? (A New Mode)

We know, cramps are the worst. Here are nine tips to help alleviate the pain. (Gurl)

Thinking of proposing to your SO? Here's your guide to making it memorable. (Winning Wit)

Here's what one woman learned from her two hours spent with a male escort. (Because that's why you hire them, right? For the educational experience?) (The Gloss)

This date idea for Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect excuse to get intimately close. (Cupid's Pulse)

Make a mistake and you'll turn the best day in your friend's life — her wedding — into the worst. Heed this advice! (Essence)


Is your guy a musician? (Lucky you, by the way.) This is the electric guitar on his holiday wishlist, trust us. (Plunder Guide)

It's almost a week away 'til Thanksgiving! So here are at least 25 different pumpkin beers you have to try over the holiday weekend! (HiConsumption)

These online dating photos are real ... we wish we were joking. (TruTV)

Impress your in-laws over Thanksgiving with these cool ice cube trays. (Seriously, you'll be impressed at how fancy you can make ice cubes.) (HiConsumption)

50 women we're thankful for in 2013. Did you favorite leading lady make the cut? (Guyism)


8 of the biggest beauty queen scandals ever. Lies, drugs and porn tapes aren't considered great hobbies for Miss America. (Guyism)

Odds are, you're going to get a bird for Thanksgiving, so why not go out and hunt your own? (Cupid's Pulse)

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