10 Women Reveal What They REALLY Think Of Sex On The First Date

Real women dish on having sex on date numero uno.

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Let's talk about sex. More specifically, let's talk about sex on the first date. Who's doing it? Who isn't? And how do we feel about those who are doing it, as well as ourselves when we put out on date numero uno?

Although some people may scowl at the thought of it, a decent amount of people are having sex on the first date. Sorry, judgy-wudgy bears, but it's true. It's 2015, over 40 years since the beginning of the sexual revolution, so if it feels right, then go with it.


So, gentlemen, since you've already had your say on the subject, we're here to tell you what ladies think of you (and themselves) when they give it up on the first date.

1. Sometimes we want to be in control.

"I'm always hesitant to have sex on the first date if a guy is really pushing for it. I want to be the one who decides if we're going to have sex, and not let the guy feel like he won. I want to be the decider." — Ashley, 29

2. It's almost TOO easy to get a guy to have sex.

"I've never met a guy who hasn't tried to have sex on the first date. It's laughable how easy it is." — Amy, 27

3. We occasionally have reservations because of past experiences.


"I naturally assume every guy who wants to f*ck on the first date has an STD or a shady past. Maybe a serial killer? But that's based on past mistakes." — Erin, 31

4. We like to indulge.

"Go for it! Be free, you little winged sex monkeys!" — Jennifer, 27

5. We don't really care what the haters think.

"I think you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. So you might as well enjoy your life and just go with the flow. If he likes you already, he'll still want to see you again. If he doesn't call you because you didn't hold yourself back from something you wanted to do, then he's a judgy jerk who you probably shouldn't want to spend your life with anyway." — Sandra, 29


6. It can sometimes lead to relationships.

"If it feels right and we're both into it then sure, why not? I slept with my ex on the first date (we were young and he gave me a line about blue balls), and we were together five years. But if I heard the blue balls line now, I'd smack the dude." — Jennie, 33

7. We might completely avoid sex altogether...

"If I actually really dig the dude, I try to wait just because I get emotionally attached when I come into contact with peen." — Amelia, 33

8. ...And we have pretty good reasons for it.

"I do it and then feel sh*tty about it, only because dudes have conditioned me that way. Thanks for calling me back, you assh*les." — Kate, 31


9. Safety always comes first.

"As long as everyone is safe and smart, with your expectations/emotions/grasp on reality in check (stuff everybody should be doing anyway), why not?" — Melissa, 25

10. In the end, we do what makes us happy.


"I say as long as you both protect your heart, along with your standard safe-sex practices, it's all good." — Lisa, 34

Overall, women seem to be down with having sex on the first date and with men wanting to have sex on the first date. Perhaps having sex on the third date is now a thing of the past.

A lot of us can agree that maybe it's a good idea to take the car for a test drive before a second date. Why waste our time on a broken-down clunker that could crap out at the next stop light?