The 13 Creepiest Things In Your Bedroom, According To Guys

Hundreds of stuffed animals? Ex's clothing? Guys reveal the creepy things they've seen in your room.

Man hiding

It may no longer be scaring-season now that Halloween's over and Christmas is in full swing, but we figured it was only fair to give the guys a rebuttal from "The 13 Scariest Things We've Seen In His Bedroom," where we learned that olive oil, pictures of your wife and child and bloody pillows are pretty creepy bedroom decor.

Upon polling the fellas on the strange things they've seen in a woman's room, we learned that the bedroom is much more than a place where the 'magic happens.'


I think I speak for all the ladies out there when I say that after reading these, I'll definitely be putting a little more thought into what I leave lying around my bedroom before having company over.

1. "A used tampon. Hands down, the scariest." - Mark

2. "Definitely clip-in hair extensions." - Lydell

3. "Handcuffs, chains, and a strap on dildo." - Jimmy

4. "Her ex's clothing all over the place." - Louis

5. "The scariest? Probably Preparation H on the dresser." - Nick

6. "Every single thing in there was pink." - Carl

7. "Hundreds of stuffed animals."- Ben

8. "A nasty hairbrush with tons of hair matted in it." - Lenny


9. "Piles and piles of beauty products, books related to them, free samples, expensive ones. Really, so much makeup it scared the hell out of me. Plus, it made me think ... what does she actually look like?" - Pranish, Facebook

10. "A bucket full of pens she stole from her office." - Jake

11. "A stalkeresque picture montage dedicated to Ben Vereen" - Chris, Facebook

12.  "A broken condom ... and we were having unprotected sex so it definitely wasnt mine!" - Jose

13. "A pregnancy test." - David


Seen something scarier than these? Tell us in the comments below and we'll add it to the list!