Time To Scream: The 13 Scariest Things We've Seen In His Bedroom

Forget ghosts and goblins, here's what you should be screaming about this Halloween.

Dating Disaster: The Scariest Things In His Bedroom

There are some places that inevitably evoke a universal type of fear in women, like the "family planning" aisle in the grocery store or the dark lair at the back of the spa otherwise known as the Brazilian bikini-waxing room.

For the sake of Halloween, we decided to creep into one of the most terrifying places of all: the male apartment.

Here, 13 women share the scariest things they've come across upon entering a guy's bedroom for the first time. Prepare to scream.


1. "A picture of his wife and child." – Brittany

2. "A dresser completely covered with black pubic hair — scary and disgusting." - Amanda

3. "Really loud music and those weird white doctor-masks that you wear on your face. I thought he was going to kill or rape me — turns out his roommate just has very sensitive allergies." – Rachel

4. "Another girl's f*cking earrings. I was pissed."– Shelby

5. "A bottle of olive oil. The only use I could see it getting in the bedroom was as a lubricant. Unsanitary, and just plain weird." – Brittani

6. "Multiple paintings of gnomes (or gnome-like creatures) hanging on the walls. Gnomes playing the fiddle, little gnomes lounging under mushrooms, and even a wizard gnome with a long beard smoking a pipe. Apparently, he was a big fan of "Lord Of The Rings-Inspired artwork." - Tara


7. "A pillow with a blood stain on it." – Laura

8. "A blanket that was clearly made by an ex-girlfriend." – Sam

9. "Good luck symbols painted in red that actually looked like swasticas painted in blood." – Casey

10. "Condoms behind my boyfriends bed in his new apartment. We don't use condoms." – Rachel

11. "A picture of me, next to his bed ... the first time we hooked up." – Allison

12. "A pillow on my boyfriend's bed that said “Someone from George Washington University Loves You." I went to the University of Massachusetts. – Anna

13. " A dead mouse. Apparently it had been there for a few days but he couldn't find it ... but I sure did." - Lindsay


Seen something scarier than these? Tell us in the comments below and we'll add it to the list!

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