8 Brave Women Reveal What They REALLY Think … Of Your Underwear, Men

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What Women Really Think

In case you didn't realize it, guys, women have long debated the pros and cons, as well as the aesthetics of your underwear. As we've noticed in past editions of "What Women Really Think…" , women have a lot of feelings on a lot of things, and of those things we're fairly focused on what you put on your bodies. Since we've already covered shoes and outfits, it's now time to inquire about what’s going on under those perfectly-fit pants. Yes, it's time to talk skivvies.

We asked women their thoughts on tighty-whities, thongs, bikinis, boxers, boxer briefs and those snug little trunks that European guys wear as both undies and swimsuits. The responses were overwhelmingly in favor of one particular underwear style, but we'll get to that in a few minutes.

Talking underwear is just another way to explain your type, and in the words of the Rolling Stones, "you can't always get what you want."

"I feel like talking about underwear is like talking about your 'type.' You may prefer one, but you're not likely to get it. For instance, I have a theory that I would love guys in boxer briefs. Yet mostly I just see 'em in plain old boxers," says Natalie, 25.

Tighty-whities are so wrong that there are no words, guys, but if you're European you get special permission to get snug around your manly bits.

"I do not like tighty-whities at all. My father wears tighty-whities and that makes me uncomfortable. I have seen many a gay man in some fabulous man panties ... but I'm not sure how I'd feel about a straight guy in equally fabulous underwear unless he was European. I'm actually more of a fan of the boxer brief. Shorter version. I like it fitted, but the boxer brief cut is just a little more manly than the brief. Saggy boxer briefs though ... that's just wrong," says Alex, 24.

"White Y fronts are a 'no.' Briefs in general are a 'no.' Go without before you Y front it, lads," says Sarah, 28. At this point, I had to ask, "What is a Y front?" To which Sarah responded "tighty-whities." Apparently all briefs have an upside down Y; this was news to me, as I'd clearly never noticed.

But, most importantly, what was the winner over and over again?

"I had always preferred boxers on a guy 'til I started dating someone who was really physically fit. I think black briefs and small bathing suits are awesome on a guy who's in shape," says Leigh, 35.

"Boxer briefs! No holes in them," says Joy, 31.

"My husband wears boxer briefs. They are lovely on him," says Carrie, 29.

"If a man has a hot body then boxer briefs for sure! If they are a little soft around the mid-section then boxers work. The undies need to fit the body type!" says Jennie, 34.

"Boxer briefs. Armani and black," says Dani, 27.

However, there is some room for boxers if they're "nerdy."

"If he's got the body, boxer briefs are really sexy. I also really like plaid boxers or boxers printed in anything he's nerdy about (i.e. sports team logo, superheroes, cowboys, penguins, etc.)," says Monika, 26.

It may pain those of you out there who prefer boxers to know that a lot of women are more likely to swoon over a pair of boxer briefs that fit than anything else. But I think when it comes down to it, anything goes. Have you ever run out on an opportunity to have sex with a woman strictly because of her underwear? Probably not. So, let's assume that we wouldn't run out on you either, well, unless we have a tighty-whities situation on our hands, of course.