Do Women Really Just Want To Be Saved?

We can never get rid of all of our past baggage before starting a new relationship, but is it possible that we're placing too much pressure on our potential partners to "fix" what's wrong and heal all of our ills? Do women really just want to be saved?

In a new video for YourTango, relationship experts Jen Duchene, Carin Goldstein, Marla Martenson and Kelly Rudolph dish with YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman about what happens when women rely on men to act as a friend, lover and Superman. . Expecting a man to fix all of your problems is way too much pressure for a man to handle. Women still have this fairy tale princess expectations on relationships. They want a prince to come in and make everything better but this will never happen. Strong men want to find strong women that match their drive and energy. If you expect a man to save you, all you are giving off is needy energy which will cause you only to find a damaged man.

If you've ever hoped a guy could change everything, or if you're sick of watching your relationships stop, start and stutter, check out the video above for some real talk and great dating advice.