7 Ultra Wacky Love Superstitions

You have to do what with a chicken heart?

Wackiest Love Superstitions

Everyone has their own opinion about love and relationships, and especially how to fall in love. Whether it's seeing a matchmaker, getting fixed up by friends or just winging it, there are a lot of ways to go about finding love. However, some of the more…interesting ways have morphed into superstitions over the years, and we've rounded them all up for your enjoyment.

Hairy legs are a turn-on:
Think shaving your legs will attract a mate? According to one superstition, you're way off. It's the hairy-legged girls who find love (missing the logic here, but okay. Winter's coming anyway).


Four-leaf clovers are lucky for love:
There are several different incarnations of this superstition, most involving your shoes. Place a two or four leaf clover in your shoe and…

  • You will meet your future spouse. 
  • You will meet a man/woman with the name of your future spouse
  • You will cross a bridge with your future spouse.

Count horses, not sheep:
There's more than one way to count a horse. According to this superstition, if you count 60 white horses and one white mule, you will marry the first person with whom you shake hands. Similarly, if you counted 100 white horses during a leap year, the same will hold true.


Mirrors bring about Prince Charming:
Sleep with a mirror under your pillow to dream of your future lover.

You can predict your lover's initials:
Take 26 pieces of paper and write a letter of the alphabet on each. Then place each paper face down in a bowl of water and put it under your bed. In the morning, the pieces that are face up in the water are the initials of your future spouse

The wrong seat can derail your love life:
According to Russian superstition, if a woman takes a corner seat at a table, she won't be married for seven years.

Food rituals can invite love in:
Eat an apple at midnight in front of a mirror, and say, "Whoever my true love may be, come and eat this apple with me," while holding a lamp in your hand. Your true love will appear. (Um, creepy. Feels a little too Bloody Mary for me).


Hang a wishbone/corncob (with 20 kernels left)/breastbone of a fowl over the door, and the first person to enter is your future spouse.

To marry the person of your choice, you must swallow whole the heart of a chicken (I’ll take my chances on eHarmony, thanks).

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