15 Brave Women Reveal What They REALLY Think ... Of Your Outfit

Denim on denim? Tank tops? Suits? Here's what we like ... and don't like.

What Women Really Think ... Of Your Outfit

In this edition of "What Women Really Think…" we asked ladies what they think of guys' outfits. Although we really wanted to cover every possible outfit out there, to do so would have been both time consuming and, frankly, annoying on all the senses of our participants. So, we didn't do that.

Instead, we chose four outfits and let the conversations begin! Lucky for us, the duds we chose were just jumping off points, and the gals to whom we spoke took it from there.


1. The "Jesse Pinkman" look.


At first we just heard crickets, then Alle, 29, spoke up: "I'd prefer Jesse Pinkman's JNCO jeans and a hoodie over a sweatpants-and-tank top dude any day."

"Jesse Pinkman garb? Ew …" – Aubrey, 24.

Then there were more crickets, although there was a collective agreement on the fact that Jesse Pinkman and Aaron Paul can do no wrong.


2. Denim-on-denim. (Or as it's affectionately called the "Canadian Tuxedo.")


"I LOVE DENIM ON DENIM!"— Leslie, 31.

"Canadian suit wearers should be removed from the world for the good of the community." — Aubrey, 24.

"OMG. No denim on denim!" — Jess, 30.

"I thought it was called the Texas Tuxedo?" — Molley, 34.


3. Tank tops.


"Hot dudes in a wife beater tank tops are hot, but not the baggy one in that photo."– Jess, 30.

"I don't mind a tank top on a certain kind of dude, but most just can't pull it off. Especially that guy." – Aubrey, 24.

"Is naked an option? If not, wife beater, chinos and loafers without socks." – Mathilde, 24.


4. Suit and tie.


"For reals, suit it up men. So freaking hot." – Molly, 34.

"Guys in a suit!" – Mieko, 37.

"In general, a guy on the street will catch my eye if he's in a tailored suit. Put him at home to work fixing my dishwasher in just jeans, and with or without a fitted shirt will do." — Jen, 35.


"Aaron Paul in a suit." – Nora, 28. (Obviously.)

"I'm a suit girl. I'll also take a preppy. No hipsters, Canadian Tuxedos, or tanks. I expect I'd like a guy in J.Crew." – Meg, 33, from Paris, where they tragically don't have J.Crew stores.

But what it really came down to was, no matter what a man decides to wear, that he owns it:


"I like it when a man knows what to wear in all situations. For example: a button down and nice shoes at a nice restaurant should be a no brainer. I hate hats in any restaurant … I think it's rude. But for a day just hanging around then a t-shirt, jeans, and a hoodie is perfect!" – Jennifer, 33.

"My style is pretty eccentric, so I try not to hold dudes to standards I wouldn't want to be held to as well — none of this 'never wear double denim OR I'LL SHOOT YOU' (because I do that) or 'Never be too dressed up or my lady-boner will deflate like a sad bounce-house' (because I like to dress up sometimes for no reason.) Just try. Have things that fit you. Don't cover yourself with visible labels and brands, because that's tacky even if the brand is expensive. No flip-flops unless you're actually at the beach." – Alle, 29.

"It's important to just be yourself and own it. This is a weird example but consider DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame. I'm pretty sure he's well aware that a sizable portion of the general populace finds the whole douchebag look/lifestyle detestable ... but that's who/what he is. He's got it down pat, from the Ed Hardy shirts to the blow-out styled rock-solid with hair gel. He owns it, celebrates it, and makes no apologies which makes me think, 'No way in hell I would be attracted to that let alone date IT.' But you know what? He's okay in my book." – Monika, 25.

So, basically, at the end of the day, although we can be picky, as long as you're yourself and truly rock what you're wearing, then we're OK with whatever you throw together, guys. But, honestly, consider a suit from time to time.