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10 Most Useless Wedding Gifts

10 Most Useless Wedding Gifts

When it comes to weddings, all you need to do is follow the registry. Easy peasy, right? Except for the guests who take things into their own hands and go rogue. Don't want to be one of those guests? Yeah, no one does. Just follow this list of the most useless wedding gifts, and you’ll be fine.



Art, of any kind: Sure, you might love it, but that doesn't mean that the happy couple will, or that it will match anything in their new home

Throw pillows: Again, you don't know their style Why burden them with something that will likely never fit in?

Cleaning materials: If you show up with a mop, you saying that not only are you a cheapskate, but you also don't think they know how to keep house A double insult!

Silver toothpicks Ew. Just, ew. Plus, what are you trying to tell them?

Über specific cooking utensils: Newlyweds don't need a ravioli crimper, or avocado slicer Those things just make more clutter in what is probably a tiny apartment, when a fork or knife could do the same job.

Chargers: no, not iPhone chargers I'm talking about the large, fancy plates that go under place settings to dress things up. The problem is, no one uses these anymore!

Gag gifts: They're funny a time or two, but then you're just remembered as the person who showed up to a black tie wedding with a talking bass

Picture frames: These are just taking up space that could have been used for something useful

Pets: A puppy might be a cute, cuddly gift for a few hours, but what you've really just given them is a responsibility that they don't want to take on When they're ready for a dog or cat, they'll get one on their own.

Parenting materials: Even if the bride is expecting, this is more appropriate for the baby shower And if she's not, why are you putting that kind of pressure on them?