7 Ridiculous Dating 'Rules' To Ditch

7 Ridiculous Dating 'Rules' To Ditch

Some dating rules are worth following, and some are just common sense. But others are pure nonsense, and worth ditching. Which rules should you keep and which should you toss out the window? Read on to find out.



Rule: You can't call for at least three days: Forget that Call when it feels comfortable and natural for you. And if he calls in under three days? Yay!

Rule: Sex on the third date is expected: Um, no Have sex only if you want to and then only if it feels right. If he doesn't get you motor running, it's not meant to be. If you feel like sex on the second date, go for it, so long as everyone is safe and happy.

Rule: He should pay for everything: Yes, it's nice when a man picks up the check, but after a date or two, you should be pitching in too He'll love it.

Rule: You'll know everything you need to in the first kiss: Not necessarily Maybe he was nervous, maybe you were nervous, maybe the homeless guy peeing on the corner next to you shot the mood. Whatever, it's always a good idea to give a guy another shot in the kissing department.

Rule: The best way to get over someone old is to get under someone new: Stop! Pump the breaks You've just had a painful breakup, and you're about to jump in the sack with someone else? That is not a healthy move, and is definitely one that you would come to regret. Give yourself time to heal before moving on to the next person.

Rule: Only give him a year to propose Otherwise, start shopping around: Every couple is different, and every man, and woman, takes a different amount of time to get to "I do." Don't feel judged; it's in your head!

Rule: Don't be overly enthusiastic: Okay, there's a middle ground here You don't want to seem like a stalker, but it's okay to let him or her know you're interested. For instance, don't pull this move: