5 Celebs You Didn't Know Remarried Their Ex

Photo: People

People reconcile with ex loves all the time, and that includes celebrities. Sometimes they even go so far as to remarry! They forget the things that made them divorce in the first place, or they find a way to move past them. Either way, we've got five celeb couples here who remarried their ex, for better or for worse.

Perhaps the most infamous pair on any list is Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton They were first married for a decade, from 1964-1974, then reunited barely a year later, lasting only from 1975-1976 before divorcing yet again.


Marie Osmond re-tied the knot with Stephen Craig in , after previously having been married to him from 1982-1985. She even used the same wedding dress for both occasions!


Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner would later consider themselves too young during their first marriage, which lasted from -1962. They would reconcile a decade later, remarrying in 1972. The marriage would last until Wood's drowning death in 1981.


Eminem and Kim Scott have a torrid history between them They first married in 1999, before finalizing their divorce in 2001. They reunited briefly in 2006, but the marriage didn't last the year.


Before she became Mrs Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith was twice Mrs. Don Johnson. The first time was in 1976, and the second time lasted a little longer, from 1989-1996.