Malin Akerman: I'm Not Taking My Mom's Relationship Advice!

'Trophy Wife's Malin Akerman: I'm Not Taking My Mom's Love Advice

Malin Akerman is a bona fide trophy wife. Look at her—she's hot!

In real life, the Swedish Canadian actress—known for movies including The Proposal, The Heartbreak Kid and Watchmen—has been married to musician Roberto Zincone for the past six years. The couple welcomed their first child, son Sebastian, this past April. 

On screen, the ABC comedy Trophy Wife premieres tomorrow, and Akerman stars as Kate, a former party girl who finds herself married to an older man with three children and two meddling ex-wives. Having two stepfathers of her own—as well as a bunch of step-siblings—Akerman can relate to the role. 

Juggling a series and motherhood may be tricky for Akerman (she shot the show's pilot while pregnant!), but she's looking forward to figuring it out.

YourTango: How will you handle work and being a new mom?
Malin Akerman:
I don't know ... it's gonna be so hard. All I want to do is be with him 24/7. Thankfully on set there's a lot of hurry up and wait and I'll have so much time with him between shots. That makes me feel better.

YourTango: Does being parents bring you and your husband closer?
Malin Akerman:
Sure it does. You go through so many hoops when you have a child all of a sudden. Your energy and your focus shifts to the baby. I walk in the door and I look at the baby before I look at him now. The best advice a friend gave us was to make sure every week you have a date night. You have to do it every week. It's a huge shift, and we're trying to keep it on track.

YourTango: How did you meet?
Malin Akerman:
We were in a band together and he didn't speak any English when I first met him. We would sit out on the balcony at the end of the day after band practice with a dictionary and a bottle of wine and get to know each other.

YourTango: What was the best love advice you've received?
Malin Akerman:
Well, my mother’s been married three times so I'm not taking her advice! No, I love her to death, she's such a loving person but hasn't been lucky in love. I've had a bunch of failed relationships that weren't marriages, crazy boyfriends. I guess that's where I relate to Kate—a lot of flaky boyfriends and then a man who I decided to marry who's solid and amazing.

YourTango: What keeps your marriage strong?
Malin Akerman:
I can honestly say that we've never had one single fight. We always talk things out. Really good communication is literally what keeps us solid.


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