7 Aches And Pains Magically Cured By Orgasms (Yes, Really)

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things orgasms heal

We already know the crazy-but-true things that cause orgasms. But did you know that having an orgasm, even a strange one, is more than just a fun way to spend an afternoon? Orgasms can also relieve everything from pain to insomnia.

Here are 7 things orgasms heal.

1. Headaches

Migraine sufferers, listen up! The endorphins released during sex can relieve the pain of an achy head. And good news: there was no difference between the alleviation found via sex versus masturbation. All orgasms are good!

2. Pain


Orgasms have an analgesic effect on your body: Suppressing pain without affecting sensitivity to touch. Orgasms have even been known to relieve pain during labor.

3. Hiccups

According to Dr. Francis Fesmire, the vagus nerve needs stimulation to alleviate hiccups, a stimulation that sex provides. Voilá! No more hiccups.

4. PMS cramps


Orgasms cause contractions in the uterine muscles while simultaneously releasing chemicals in the brain that act as a natural pain reliever.

5. Stress and depression

Besides the endorphins and oxytocin released in the brain during the big moment, semen (when ingested orally) has been shown to contain chemicals that "elevate mood, increase affection, and contain antidepressants."

6. Insomnia


Besides the fact that sex really takes it out of you, your brain being flooded with oxytocin will knock you out the rest of the way. On a side note, women produce more oxytocin. Yay, ladies!

7. Morning sickness

According to SUNY Albany psychologist Gordon Gallup, sperm is what is making pregnant women sick in the first place (the foreign substance principle), so building up a tolerance is what you need. Good news for guys: lots of oral sex.