9 Animals That Love Being Single

9 Animals That Love Being Single

Like people, some animals just prefer being single. It's nothing personal, they would just rather be on their own than date. They don't want commitment, families, any of that hassle. They just want to be left alone. Is that so much to ask for?



"I said get out of here!"

"Stop following me! Go find your dad"

"I told you already, it's not gonna happen"

"Go out? No thanks I'd rather stay in and blog."

"This is my nut, and no one shall have my nut, because I am a lone wolf…er, squirrel"

"Heck yeah! Single and proud!"

"I told you to leave me alone You did not listen. Now you must pay."

"Think of all the spare time I'll have"

"Leave me alone, or so help me god, I'll nom you until you never want to date again"