Exclusive! Dita Von Teese On Va-Va-Vooming Your Sex Life!

"I always like to prepare my victim a cocktail before I perform a striptease for them," Dita admits.

Celebrity Sex: Dita Von Teese On Spicing Up Your Sex Life

Famous for performing burlesque shows around the globe, you could say Dita Von Teese knows a thing or two about being sexy. We sat down with the former Mrs. Marilyn Manson and Playboy model to discuss the best things in life: love, sex and cocktails. 

"I usually don't think about spicing up my sex life as much as I think about always maintaining it," Dita explains to us, while offering her recipe for setting the mood. "I've actually become really great at mixing my own cocktails. I put Cointreau over ice and top it with sparkling water, a squeeze of lime, and then I put out different garnishes—everything from basil and strawberries, kiwi, fruit."


Okay, Dita, let's get seductive:  

Tip #1: Create Poetic Space By Wearing Something Sexy

"I'm a big advocate for wearing beautiful lingerie, not just for seduction, but in everyday life. I think that it's an individual thing ... you might want to try something unique and special."

Tip #2: Perform A Striptease

"I can't help but [include] the striptease at home. That's something I can talk about for hours on how to exactly do that, but I think the basis is having fun with the idea and letting your real personality come through in your striptease—and finding the right clothes. You can practice at home by yourself before you perform it for someone. I always like to prepare my victim a cocktail before I perform a striptease for them, too."


Tip #3: Share A Secret

"I think that spicing things up really has a lot to do with vulnerability and telling someone a secret or something that you might like to try that's unusual. A lot of it has to do with trust, which I think is a really exciting dynamic in sex." 

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YourTango: What's the best love advice you've received?
Dita Von Teese: I think the best love advice I've ever received is really about understanding that communication is key, of course, but also that there's not one perfect person for you. You kind of have to accept what are the things that are negotiable for you and what are not.


YourTango: What's your most romantic memory?
Dita Von Teese: Oh, I have a lot of romantic memories that are simple. Like, one time, I was seeing someone in Paris and I was in LA, and it was snowing. He had written my name in snow—on a snow covered car—and put a little heart with my initials and took the picture from his apartment above. I thought that was pretty romantic. It's the simple things, really.

YourTango: Do you believe in "The One"?
Dita Von Teese:
I think there can be lots of ones. I don't think there's really "the one." I think there's lots of opportunities to find the one. I guess I can't say I believe in the one yet because I haven't met him.

YourTango: What's your tango?
Dita Von Teese:
I am motivated and energized and excited by where I am in my career, [a place] that I never thought I would get to. What started off for me as doing a little striptease show in a strip club has turned into this big modern burlesque show. All the women that come to my shows, I'm inspired by them. They're getting the same inspiration out of seeing a striptease show—which doesn't really make sense that we as women are being inspired by a striptease show—but underneath it all, it's interesting the way you can see something much different than we used to.