Meet Dakota Johnson's Boyfriend! Who Is Jordan Masterson?

50 Shades Of Grey: Meet Dakota Johnson's Boyfriend Jordan Masterson

She'll soon play sexual novice Ana Steele in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, but off-screen Dakota Johnson has been dating fellow actor Jordan Masterson for the past year. 

Last October, without directly naming her man, Dakota revealed, "I have a boyfriend that I've been with for a while. I've only been in longterm relationships." But after being photographed together at several red carpet events and popping up on his sister's Instagram account, their romance is secret no more. 

It's safe to say that after nabbing her new high-profile role, Dakota will soon become a household name, but what about her beau? Here are six things you need to know about her leading man:

1. There's a slight age difference. It's not a robbing-the-cradle situation, but Dakota's man is four years her senior—Jordan is 27 to Dakota's 23. 

2. Like Dakota, he's got some comedy chops. You may recognize him as Mark in 2005's The 40-Year-Old Virgin or his recurring role on the ABC Family dram-edy Greek. Most recently, he was seen on the Tim Allen comedy Last Man Standing.

3. He comes from a Hollywood family, too. While Dakota's got some serious family ties to the industry (mom is Melanie Griffith, dad is Don Johnson and step-dad is Antonio Banderas), Jordan's half-brothers are acting vets Danny and Christopher Masterson.

4. They have a laid-back relationship. Based on Alanna Masterson's (Jordan's sister) Instagram feed, the two prefer doing crosswords in each other's company. It might not be the stuff erotic novels are made of, but it shows a different type of intimacy. Alanna captioned the photo, "My two favorite people." How sweet!

5. He's a member of Scientology. Jordan and sister Alanna grew up in the church, while their father Joe Reachie was excommunicated nine years ago and hasn't seen them since.

6. His family is supportive of her new role. The day casting news broke, Alanna tweeted a photo of a family group hug—Christopher, Jordan and herself embracing Dakota—and said, "Everyone is so proud of you." Jordan, meanwhile, has yet to make any comments about his longtime love's racy role. 


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