5 Reasons Puffins Win At Love

5 Reasons Puffins Win At Love

Puffins are inarguably some of the cutest birds in the world (really, don't argue with us on this one; we know what we're talking about). But puffins are more than a species of waddling adorableness. They are also winners at love, and here's why.



They mate for life: Puffins have lifespans averaging 20 years, and unless a partner should die, they return to the same mate year after year.

They tag-team raising their baby: Both parents incubate the single egg laid each year and take turns fishing to feed their baby.

They can find their mate after months apart at sea: Puffins spend late August to early spring out at sea, but return to the same breeding grounds, and the same mate, every year.

They have what is possibly the most adorable mating display among birds: billing, where they "kiss" upon finding each other again

They are noted for their tenderness and devotion to their mate: Wildlife photographer Craig Jones has spent years photographing the playful birds, and says their warmth and dedication is remarkable. Overall? Winners. At. Love.