How To Get Your Boyfriend To Do Yoga With You

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Do Yoga With You

The couple that sweats together stays together — though it's not always easy to get a guy to step foot in a yoga class with you. The workout offers plenty of important health and athletic benefits, as you're probably well aware. But let's be honest, from the polka-dot mats to the hoard of women busting through the door when class starts, it can be intimidating for some men to hit the mat even if will increase their strength, flexibility, mood, etc.

Here's how to make him comfortable striking a pose, whatever his reservations may be. 

His Complaint: "It's not manly enough."
The Fix: Pamper him with guy gear

So, he thinks yoga is too girly? Well, does he know the ultimate guy's guy Matthew McConaughey does it? Assure him there's a place for his macho butt in the studio even among the pink yoga mats, neon tops and spandex bottoms. Yoga apparel for men is popping up everywhere. And sure, he may not care as much about yoga fashion as you do, but he'll feel more comfortable when he has the right clothes for the occasion. Lululemon, every yogis favorite brand, is even opening up a men's-only store in 2016, and until then, they have plenty of men's gear that doesn't include skin-tight tops or see-through bottoms. As for yoga mats? There's a solid selection for bros too. YogaJack also offers yoga gear just for dudes.

His Complaint: "It seems boring."
The Fix: Bribe him with beer

And not just any six-pack. We're talking about yoga classes in breweries. Yes, take a second to digest that. You can get your vinyasa flow on and then wash it down with a pint together. Yoga-beer classes are popping up all over the country, from Elmira, NY to San Diego, CA. Namaste and cheers to that.

His Complaint: "It's not challenging."
The Fix: Bikram Yoga

Ok, so maybe hatha isn't his thing. Give him an athletic test he'll never forget by introducing him to David Beckham's go-to workout (well, aside from soccer). In Bikram yoga, you'll do 26 basic yoga poses twice in 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity. Talk about intense. One steamy, sweaty session and he'll never underestimate yoga again.

If all else fails, remind him of the wonders it'll do for your sex life. That should pique his interest.

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