Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: Is Matt Bomer Playing Christian Grey?

Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: Is Matt Bomer Playing Christian Grey?

The casting for the film adaption of popular soccer-mom porn Fifty Shades of Grey seems like it's been going on forever, with buzz intensifying every time a new actor is mentioned to take on the role of S&M enthusiast Christian Grey.

So far the most popular choices seem to involve dudes who could really sink their teeth into things, so to speak — Twilight star Robert Pattinson and Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries — while others think the part calls for more of a superhero.

But what about White Collar and Magic Mike star Matt Bomer? That's the question some 50 Shades fans are asking, and we have to agree he'd make an inspired choice. Here's why:

Not to mention the good looks to pull off being cocky

Plus, we could easily see him channeling Christian's habit of shaming Anastasia into submission

Since he got his start on soaps, Matt certainly knows a thing or two about being melodramatic

But Christian also smolders in a suit—something Matt has down to a science

Matt's Magic Mike skill set could even be worked in Women love guys who can dance, right? Even a drip like Anastasia.

Even when he's being a creepster, you can't help but be charmed

So all in favor of Matt Bomer as Christian Grey, raise your glass Let's drink to it.