6 Stories Of Interspecies Love To Warm Your Heart

6 Stories Of Interspecies Love to Warm Your Heart

Love is a funny thing. It urges us to do things we'd never imagine possible. It is what make us open our hearts to another creature, and this trait doesn't belong to humans alone. Sometimes animals form unusual bonds that bend our understanding of the wild kingdom.



Though they have a natural predator-prey relationship in the wild, one mama cat bucked her stomach’s instinct and went with her heart’s, nursing three abandoned ducklings along with her own kittens

After the death of its mother, a baby chimpanzee was taken home by a zoo worker to provide the baby with care Once there, the worker’s dog (who had just given birth) promptly took the chimp as one of her own.

This baby macaque was in a deep depression after being abandoned by his mother But upon meeting a white pigeon in a Chinese animal sanctuary, his spirits returned, and the two are inseparable.

In a now famous story coming out of Africa, Themba the elephant was orphaned as a baby, leaving him in the care of the Sanbona wildlife reserve There, he met Albert the sheep. After a rocky start, the two became fast friends. They spent so much time together that staff at the reserve realized that Albert was beginning to act like an elephant.

When a falconer at a British animal preserve brought home Shrek, a baby owl, for her own protection, he probably didn't count on his puppy Torque becoming a father But that’s just what happened. Now the duo roam the house and grounds as a pair. Apparently, they enjoy watching the BBC together.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! It might seem like something out of Oz, but this is the normal state of affairs for Baloo (a bear), Leo (a lion) and Shere Khan (a tiger) living together in Noah’s Ark, a Georgia animal rescue facility Raised together by drug dealers who abused them, the animals formed a little family. When workers tried to separate them, they acted out until they were reunited.