How To Spice Up Your Lackluster Sex Life

Try one of these easy fixes.

revamp your sex life

Is your sex life not as exciting as it used to be? Want to revamp your romp? It's normal for your sex life to take a backseat in the midst of work, family and everyday life.

Follow these tips to bring the sexy back into the sheets.

Strengthen Your Core
Want to last longer in bed? Strengthen your core! It gives you more endurance so you can have longer and more epic romps in the sheets. So dust off your workout clothes and work on those push-ups.


Lock Eyes During Orgasm
It's easy to get lost in the rhythm of sex and focus on what feels good to you, but try focusing in on your partner more. Eye contact during sex can be intense and make you guys feel connected. 

Skip the Fried Foods And Sweets For A Week
Healthy eating improves your sex life because fried foods can slow down your libido, so toss out the Oreos and french fries and replace them with fruit smoothies and quinoa.

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