9 Guys Reveal What They Really Think When You Make The First Move

Photo: weheartit

For women living in the 21st century, it's totally normal to be a go-getter and approach that cutie eyeing you from across the bar. If he's cute, why not, right?

Well, it's not always the case. And sometimes, it takes a lot to muster up the courage to go up to him out of the blue and start flirting.

After polling every honest guy I know, I was surprised to find that there were an array of preferences when it comes to what men think when women flirt. They weren't all as stuck in the 1950s as I had thought (though, unfortunately, some still were).

Instead, as I'm pleasantly surprised to report that there were plenty of men who agreed that a woman making the first unofficial move and approaching a guy at a bar isn't only a welcomed change, it's downright sexy.

1. It's an indicator of her confidence.

"I'm always impressed when a girl has the balls to approach me at the bar. It's never easy to approach anyone when you're out, so when I see a woman doing it, it’s a big turn-on. It shows that she’s confident in herself." — Cole, 29

2. It's super-attractive.

"I find it really attractive when a girl comes up to be out of the blue at a bar. If she can hold a decent conversation, it's even better." — Steven, 25

3. It's a little too intimidating.

"It's not that a girl can't approach me while we're out — but I find it a little intimidating when she comes up to me. It takes me awhile to get up the courage to go and talk to a girl, so if she approaches me, I'm a little put off my game." — Ryan, 23

4. It's hard, especially if I'm not into her.

"I'm a pretty confident guy and sometimes it's a little hard for me to get used to the thought of a girl coming up to me first. The last thing I want to do is get stuck talking to a girl that I’m not interested in. I hate wasting her time (and mine, too)." — Matthew, 30

5. It's one of the sexiest things a woman can do.

"It's sexy when a girl has enough confidence to approach a guy — and she gets bonus points right from the get-go." — Tyler, 27

6. It intrigues me.

"I am incredibly attracted to strong, confident women so I think that any woman that can come and talk to me is definitely a woman I want to get to know. Not to be corny, but if she's willing to make the first move here, I wonder what else she's willing to make the first move on." — Phil, 28

7. It's a giant turn-on when gender roles are reversed.

"Guys shouldn't have to do all the work when it comes to meeting a girl and approaching her. I think it’s really awesome when the roles are reversed and I can be approached by girls. Let them see how nerve-wracking it is!" — James, 25

8. I would highly welcome it.

"If a girl wants to talk to me, she should come and talk to me. She shouldn't wait for me to make the first move. It might not seem like it, but guys love to play hard to get, too." — Mike, 24