Interspecies Love: 11 Cutest Crossbreeds

11 Cutest Crossbreeds

Most animals mind their own business. They keep to themselves and only get down with their own species. But some animal loves are too great to be confined by a little thing like genetic viability. These animals are breaking barriers and giving the world some of the cutest new creatures around, like Ippo, the Zonkey born recently in Italy. Which animals create the cutest crossbreeds? Let’s do the math.

Zebra + Donkey = Zonkey

False Killer Whale + Bottlenose Dolphin = Wholphin

Camel + Llama = Cama

Tiger + Lion = Liger

Grizzly Bear + Polar Bear = Grolar Bear

Lion + Leopard = Leopon

Male Donkey + Female Horse = Mule (Female Donkey + Male Horse = Hinny)

Africal Serval + domestic cat = Savannah Cat

Yak + domestic cattle = Yakow, aka Dzo

Goat + Sheep = Geep

Wallaby + Kangaroo = Wallaroo