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Exclusive! Did Brooks Forester Turn Down Being The Next Bachelor?

Celebrity Love: Did Brooks Forester Turn Down The Bachelor?

Admit it, Bachelorette fans. You thought Brooks would come running back to Desiree in the final episode, full of regret and carrying a diamond ring.

Well, no such luck. It was Chris Siegfried who ultimately put a ring on it, and after that announcement came another big shock last night—hot single dad Juan Pablo Galavis will be the next Bachelor.

Not Brooks? After failing to fight for Des, we thought for sure that amazing head of hair would grace our TV screens once more.

Well, YourTango just asked Brooks if he was disappointed by not being named the next Bachelor. His answer?

"You know, after watching Desiree firsthand and the process that she went through, emotionally taxing, there was some discussion early on and when they had asked me initially my response was no. We had multiple conversations about it and they said, 'We think we're going in a different direction anyway,' so that there wasn't much to consider for me in that arena, so that decision was pretty easy."

Either way, we think Juan Pablo should bring Brooks back for a cameo or two next season.

Do you think Brooks should have been the next Bachelor? Tell us in the comments!

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