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Exclusive! Angie Harmon: 'Marriage Is A Lot Of Work, Really'

Exclusive! Angie Harmon: 'Marriage Is A Lot Of Work, Really'

For the last three years, she's played detective Jane Rizzoli, half of a female forensics team on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles. But for Angie Harmon, 40, the toughest real-life mystery to solve is how to balance marriage and motherhood.

Married for 12 years to football star turned sportscaster Jason Sehorn (he surprised her by popping the question on The Tonight Show in 1998), the mom of three daughters—ages 9, 8, and 4—reveals her wife/career mom/wonder woman secrets. "We don't get out Friday nights early enough to catch a flight home," Angie tells YourTango about missing her family back in Charlotte, NC while filming. "So I'm here. We sometimes meet in Texas, a 2½ hour flight for both of us. I miss my kids, so it's hard, but my children are so understanding."

YourTango: How do you keep your marriage solid and happy?
Angie Harmon: You have to be really considerate of each other, really kind to each other. It's a lot of work, really.

YourTango: You had one of the most memorable proposals in history on The Tonight Show. That was a lot to live up to.
Angie Harmon: A lot of pressure!

YourTango: I'll say! What was the last romantic thing he did for you?
Angie Harmon: My iPhone 4 has had a crack in it and I don't have the time to go get another one, I'm on set all the time. So Jason went and bought one in Charlotte and FedExed it to me on set. Things like that.

YourTango: What's the best love advice you've heard?
Angie Harmon: Kyra Sedgwick told me, "Keep your heart where your feet are" and that's incredibly difficult to do. It takes a lot of concentration. You've got to be conscientious of each other.


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