Why Does My Kid Feel Entitled To A Cellphone?

Five of our experts explain how parents teach their kids that they 'deserve' the latest technology.

kids using tablet

Your son or daughter approaches you and begs for the latest cellphone, tablet, mp3 player or laptop. Do you say "yes" and give in to their wants or do you hold out to teach them how to responsibly earn it on their own? More and more parents are giving into their kids' demands, and more and more kids are growing up into entitled adults. So how do we — as parents — stop the cycle?


In this video, Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman turns to YourTango Experts Paula Bisacre, Morrisa Drobnick, Randy Nathan and Carolyn Meyer-Wartels to give parents advice.

"As a parent, I can say that it is hard to watch your child struggle," says Meyer-Wartels. "I have to hold myself back and know that I am building some strength there that is internal."

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