Christian Grey Casting: Who Just Turned Down The Lead Role?

Christian Grey Casting: Who Just Turned Down The Lead Role?

The latest casting update for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie isn't so much a who's who as a who's not. While we're eagerly awaiting the announcement of the lead roles, one thing is certain: Garrett Hedlund will not be joining us in the red room of pain, if you catch our drift. Our inner goddess is not pleased.

The 28-year-old actor reportedly turned down—yes, turned down!—his chances to be the kinky billionaire of our dreams. A source told UsWeekly that being in a trilogy is too big of a commitment for the TRON star, who's currently dating actress Kirsten Dunst. (Is it just us or does he have something in common with the tortured, commitment-phobic character?) It turns out producers, and let's be honest, surely fans of the book too, are not submissive enough to have Christian Grey walk out on Anastasia like that. 

So it looks like it's back to the drawing board for director Sam Taylor-Johnson and author E.L. James, who managed to put a damper on the hopes of fan girls everywhere when she was overheard at Comic Con saying Ian Somerhalder would also not be seducing the as-of-yet-uncast Ana Steele.

There's no word yet on the fate of some other rumored leads. Since James announced via Twitter that Taylor-Johnson would be directing the hotly-anticipated film adaptation, you can be sure that we've bookmarked her feed just in case that's where the next bit of news breaks. Until then, we'll be fantasizing about our picks for Mr. Grey and his partner in S&M.

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