8 Animals You Didn't Know Were Sluts

8 Animals You Didn’t Know Were Sluts

When it comes to promiscuity, some animals have us beat, paws down. From bonobos to dolphins to snakes, we've found the eight sluttiest animals in the world.

1. Sea Hares are hermaphrodites, and make good use of having both sets of equipment. They form long…let’s call them “love trains,” with multiple partners involved.

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2. Female Fiddler Crabs will give it up for protection from a male, setting up camp on the beach near a likely defender.

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3. Female Topi Antelopes are, in general, only in the mood one day a year, but boy do they make that one day count! They spend most of the day breeding, with as many as five partners.

4. Bonobos are the sluttiest of the sluttiest in the animal kingdom. Sex is their “Aloha,” for everything from meals to settling fights to meeting a new ape.

5. Dolphins will get it on with just about anything that swims across their path, including certain whales, resulting in the very rare wholphin (yeah, it’s a thing).

6. Northern Elephant Seals operate at a ratio of one male to 50-100 females. Over the course of his lifetime, a male can father as many as 500 pups with his harem.

7. Female Eastern Garter Snake stand out from other snakes due to not laying eggs, but rather giving birth to live offspring. The competition to impregnate a female is fierce, with as many as 30,000 snakes forming a large writhing ball and just hoping for the best.

8. The Antechinus, a mouse-like marsupial, is renowned for its stamina…mainly because they don’t do much else. Males will copulate with a female for up to 12 hours, often resulting in death by exhaustion.

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