Sexiest Man Alive: 8 Lessons Adam Levine Taught Us About Love

8 Lessons Adam Levine Taught Us About Love

Yesterday, People announced what most of had already surmised: Adam Levine is 2013's Sexiest Man Alive. Though the Maroon 5 frontman has a rep for womanizing and patronizing any model he can find, under all the tattoos and rocker swag is a big ole' softy. In fact, he recently put a ring on Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo's finger—after a whirlwind romance, of course.

Need more reasons to jump on the Adam bandwagon? Enjoy Professor Levine's lecture on love and lust 101:

Love Lesson #1: Unsure if a guy likes you? Just look at him. Awkward reactions are always a good sign: 


Love Lesson #2: Impress him with your intelligence and wit on your first date ... and never stop.


Love Lesson #3: Don't dump a good guy simply because he doesn't have "moves like Jagger." You'll regret it later.


Love Lesson #4: Ignore tools. A real man admits this:


Love Lesson #5: Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Don't fall for non-stop sweet talk. 


Love Lesson #6: The right guy will gush about you and your relationship to his friends:



Love Lesson #7: Even hot rock stars don't approve of nasty PDA—no matter how in love you feel.


Love Lesson #8: Never believe the guy who drops the L-bomb for the first time after 1 AM or via text:

Okay, Adam, now remind us one more time why we love you so much:



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