Royal Baby Name Bust! Why Kate & Will Got It Wrong

Royal Baby Name Bust! Why Kate & Will Got It Wrong

While I'm sending major props to Kate Middleton and Prince William for releasing their newborn son's name in just two days (in comparison to previous royals and their exhausting wait times), I'm not quite sure his Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is enough.

Eh, it just falls short. Like it needs another one or two names tacked onto the end to rep Diana and Kate's families. 

No one's denying George isn't the perfect first name for the little tyke. A name chosen out of respect to Queen Elizabeth and her father, King George VI. Even he'd agree to the strength of that name … since he chose it. (His real name is Albert. Haven't you seen The King's Speech?)

And to avoid a beheading, Alexander and Louis are each warranted, respectively. The name Alexander is rumored to honor the Queen (a variation on her middle name, Alexandra); and Louis, as tribute to her husband Prince Philip, whose grandfather was Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg. 

OK, if we're stretching it this far, what's the harm in adding another name or two? After all, both Charles, William, and Harry each carry four names. 

Like how about tagging on the name Oliver to the end? I mean, after Louis before "of Cambridge" end.

Oliver, honoring Kate Middleton's paternal ancestors and her paternal great-grandmother Olive Lupton, a woolen cloth merchant and manufacturer. (Is this where royal pup Lupo got his name?) 

Or perhaps Harrison, as an ode to her maternal ancestors, the Harrisons, who were working class laborers and miners.

And what about Spencer, the maiden name of Princess Diana? The world expected the royal baby name to honor William's mother in some capacity. 

Disappointing name or not, we can expect baby George to grow into quite the leader. 

"He is just minutes from being a Leo and will combine Leo traits (confident, flamboyant) with Cancer (family oriented and sensitive)," explains astrologer Dikki-Jo Mullen about the prince whose sign is Cancer. 

"His father is a Cancer. Grandma Diana was a Cancer, so is stepgrandma Camilla. Zodiac signs often reflect a family tree and this is certainly the case. The birth time governs the ascendant (rising sign), so 4:24 p.m. BST gives him Scorpio rising, the birth sign of Prince Charles."

So not surprisingly, baby G will share similar traits with William. "Baby Cambridge will be intense and have an impact on his surroundings. He should enjoy water sports a great deal, too," Mullen continues. "Kate was born near the Full Moon, and often a baby is born when the Moon is in the same phase as the mother's. That's also when ladies can conceive most easily! Full Moon people are very responsive to the environment ... and tend to live in the present and push events through to conclusion—not leave things in limbo. They are very relationship oriented."

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