In Non Royal Baby News, Is Blake Lively Pregnant?

Is it bloat or a baby? Or baby bloat? Either way, Blake Lively's on baby watch!

In Non Royal Baby News, Is Blake Lively Pregnant?

Blake Lively is officially on high alert baby watch! The beach blonde starlet, who married one of the sexiest men alive (Ryan Reynolds) last year, could be giving up her own famed hard body for something a bit rounder.

Could be, we repeat, because neither she nor Ryan has confirmed a bun in the oven. In fact, the PR team denies it.

Instead, an insider told OK! Magazine, "It's pretty obvious Blake is expecting a baby. We're convinced she's just waiting to pass the first trimester before she makes an official announcement."


We all remember high school. This is how rumors start, people!

But we have a right to know … and given the following facts, anyone would agree that she could be pregnant. Right?

As the unnamed insider said, Blake's usually a size 2 or 4 and flaunts that bod in slim fitting silhouettes and body forming dresses. Not lately though. Blake chose her recent more-wiggle-room pieces personally, as she prefers not to enlist a stylist. (When you call Christian Louboutin and Karl Lagerfeld your BFF, you don't need one.) And how would the insider know her size? It's not like everyone in Hollywood is skinny. Oh wait … 


Plus, she and her hubby have both gone on record professing how much they want to start a family. Ryan has proven twice over that he's eager to procreate with petite, young blondes (ScarJo anyone?).

The fact remains, whether Blake is pregnant or just splurged and had a double bacon cheeseburger when these rumors hit, we'd all love to see what her Cali cool genetics and Ryan's 6-pack ab genes would create. (Crushable)

Actually, now that Jason Sudeikis is officially leaving SNL, I would really want to see him concentrate on impregnating fiancée, Olivia Wilde. Funny and beautiful? Watch out, Blake, baby Sudeikis is gonna take your Green Lantern toddler dooooown!

And in other news (while I place wagers on future baby battles that will inevitably be won by Knox and Vivienne's tag team) …


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