Nice Tutu, Dad: 9 Fathers Who Do Silly Things For Love

father and son

Love does wondrous things to people when they become parents. Fathers and mothers go the extra mile for their kids. Check out these extra special dads, who walked that mile in their kids’ ballet slippers.

For a magical birthday, one father dressed up as Prince Charming for his little girl.

"World's Best Father" Dave Engledow wants to join in on the fun.


He's also not afraid of a little primping.

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Who says Darth Vader was a bad dad?


This father learned a little something about quality time, by spending the day dressed as Spider Man…with his son…at his office.

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One military dad got creative for his son's birthday.

This dad knows what’s what. As he said on his imgur account, “My daughter wanted to be a wolf for Halloween, I decided to play along.”


Though they choose to remain anonymous, this picture quickly went viral. Dad joins in on play time even at the hardware store.

Dale Price has garnered a fair amount of (internet) fame as the dad who dresses up each day to wave at the bus. Check out the first year’s costumes (yes, it went on for several years).

And the most touching of all is this German father, who wears skirts, blouses and nail polish to support his young son’s interest in women’s clothing.

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