16 Signs Your Boyfriend Is More Into His Fantasy League Than You

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Brace yourselves, football is coming.

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Football season! Which means your man’s fantasy draft is just around the corner. But the “fun” of fantasy sports is no longer confined to football season, is it ladies? No, now there are fantasy leagues for every sport imaginable, and your man is knee-deep in them all. How can you tell? Read on.

1. Meals, dates and all other forms of social interaction are based around Game Time.

2. He has this mouse pad:

(hey, at least he warned you)


3. He can’t balance his checkbook, but he turns into Rain Man when it comes to calculating the on base percentages of the entire MLB


4. After sex, he thinks it’s okay to pull this move:

5. He can recite the draft rankings of his teams backwards, forwards and alphabetically.

6. The simple question, “How was your day?” treats you to a 20 minute monologue on the evils of the designated hitter rule

7. He thinks this is an acceptable way to hug:

8. His walls are plastered with every Top 50/100/150 Players list produced in the last five seasons.


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