#YOLO! 9 WILD Summer Date Ideas To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

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Summer Date Night Ideas Inspired By YOLO

You only live once, you say? Then why not start acting like it? There's nothing that makes the adrenaline junkie feel more alive than when the norepinephrine, dopamine and endorphins kick in because you're doing something that's both scaring and thrilling you. That level of intensity is sometimes even better than sex.

So those of you out there who have a need for speed, the desire to be terrified out of your mind and lucky enough to have found someone who shares this idea of fun, here are nine thrilling date night ideas that will get your adrenaline pumping and bring you two even closer.

1. Departure Roulette
Would you be willing to skip that week-long trip back home and head to a mysterious location? Heineken recently asked travelers in JFK to take their spontaneity to the next level by ditching their travel plans and letting a board assign them a new, random place. If you're not lucky enough to spot Heineken at your terminal, make a DIY destination board with your partner featuring weekend getaways within driving distance that you know little about. Then, spin the wheel, drop everything and get ready to explore a new spot without an itinerary.


2. Skydiving 
Fear of heights? No way! You're the type who lives for heights! So what's a better way to celebrate that love than by jumping out of a plane? Although I've yet to do it, I've heard from friends that after a few quick lessons, you're ready to go and the experience will forever change you. I mean, you did just free fall from thousands and thousand of feet above the air.

3. Water skiing
Talk about an awesome summer date! Not only do you get the thrill of being dragged along by a boat, but it's an amazing way to cool off in this ridiculous heat. It may take some practice to learn to stand on those skis without falling into the water, but in the end, the rush that comes with it will have you addicted in no time.

4. Base Jumping
Although you can probably do this one on your own if you happen across a proper a cliff that drops into the ocean, it might be best to actually pay a bit and do it somewhere where you're less likely to kill yourself. The key to making this a successful date is to jump as far out as you can, enjoy the free fall into the water below, and not bang your head on any rocks on the way down.


5. Zip lining
If you've yet to try this, it might be the one on this list to start with before you really dive into true adrenaline junkie activities. Buckled safely into a harness, then attached to a zip line, you get to literally zip from one point, usually a tree or other secure place, to another point. Depending on where you do it, you can find yourself zipping over rivers, ravines and other places that when you look down, your stomach is definitely going to act pretty queasy. Enjoy!

6. Highlining
I had never heard of this one, until a friend mentioned it to me. Basically, you walk a tight rope (yes, just like they do in the circus), without any safety equipment, and hope to hell you make it to the other side. If you choose to try this over water, then it's called waterlining.

7. Get Inked
Afraid of needles? What better time than now to overcome it? After all, your partner is there to hold on to your hand for dear life. While we don't reccomend getting your partner's name or matching hearts drawn across your body, why not have your guy pick out something you'd like and vice-versa? With a permanent reminder in sight, this will be one date you really can't forget.

8. Rock climbing
Along with water skiing, this is probably the most strenuous on your body, but totally worth it for the excitement. If you do your research and find a place that has a great view once you've reached the top, all that work on your legs and arms will give you complete permission to just drop to the ground like Jell-O and enjoy it all.

9. Running of the Bulls
If you've yet to be inspired by the above dates, then why dont you really put the fear of god in yourself by running with the bulls. Although the most famous "running" is in Pamplona during the seven-day festival of Sanfermines, you can also get in on the action in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Nevada, and Southern France. Now that's some seriously YOLO right there.