The Royal Baby's Birth: What's The Latest?

The Royal Baby's Birth: What's The Latest?

The British are coming! Or, rather, their newest heir to the throne is coming ... and soon! With Kate's speculated due date of July 13th looming (a date guessed upon by the public, given as the palace has not released such information publicly), the royal baby could be on its way any day now! Not since Princess Diana was pregnant with baby William has the entire world been so excited.

While we're all eagerly waiting for the royal baby's arrival, let's recap what we know so far about the big day:

Where are the parents right now?: Kate is taking it easy in London, having put a stop to all her appearances last month, while Prince William is at an air force base in Wales, where he works as a search and rescue pilot. He visits her whenever he's off shift, and last week a privately chartered helicopter landed next to their residence in Wales, where it will remain on stand-by to fly William to his Kate's side in under two hours should she go into labor. However, the Prince is hoping that he will be back in town in time and able to drive Kate to hospital himself from their London home. Will is scheduled to play in a charity polo match this Sunday in London, so at least he'll be in the 'nabe on her rumored due date.

The first prince or princess of Cambridge!: The couple's child will officially be known as His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess (insert name) of Cambridge, which is the first time anyone will have held such a title. And whether a prince or princess, the new baby will be third in line to the throne (behind his/her father and grandfather), pushing Harry back to 4th position. Sorry, H.

They have yet to pick a name: We all know by now that the royal couple have opted not to learn the gender of their child before its birth, and as a result, they have a shortlist of both girl and boy names, and word is they're waiting to meet their little one before deciding on a top name for each gender. The eager public though has been placing bets on what they think the name is most likely to be. The speculated top contenders? Alexandra, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana, Victoria, George and James. Don’t get too excited though—it's been said that the baby's name won’t be revealed for nearly 10 days after the birth announcement.

Royal Baby Announcement: After the baby is born, Prince William's first call will be to the Queen. Then the Prime Minister and a small number of others in the inner circle including the Archbishop of Canterbury will be informed. For us commoners though, an official notice announcing the birth will be placed in a glass-fronted easel and attached to the gates of Buckingham Palace. Though, we're much more likely to hear the news via Twitter on this side of the pond.

Let the royal countdown commence!

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