Kate Middleton's Royal Baby Slip! Is She Having A Girl?

Kate Middleton

Oh baby!

She has one of the most watched baby bumps (ever!), so it's no surprise that Kate Middleton is making headlines once again.

This time, the news concerns the sex of the Duchess of Cambridge's bundle of joy. According to The Telegraph, Kate may have accidentally announced that she and hubby Prince William are expecting a baby girl.

The brunette beauty was visiting the seaport of Grimsby on England's East Coast on Tuesday where she accepted a teddy bear and reportedly said, "Thank you, I'll take that for my d …"

Kate's possible slip was reported by Sandra Cook, who was in the crowd and heard the brief exchange. "I said to her, 'You were going to say daughter, weren't you?'"

Kate's alleged answer? "No, I don't know." 

Of course, we'll have to wait a few more months to find out for sure about the baby's gender as Kate's due to expand the royal brood this July. But one thing's for certain: This kid's got a sweet life ahead of her (or him). 

Born a commoner in 1982, Kate:

played with ... Skip-It, plastic trolls with neon-colored hair, pound puppies.
was BFFs with ... Pippa.
pretended to be ... The pink Power Ranger.

Born a royal in 2013, Kate's (maybe) daughter will:

play with ... her tiaras and great-grandmother's corgis.
become BFFs with ... Uncle Prince Harry. Obviously.
pretend to be ... herself. Or Harper Beckham.

What else? Add your own Kate and royal baby comparisons in the comments!

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