14 Things Your Husband & Baby Are Doing When You're Not Home

13 Things Your Husband & Baby Are Doing When You're Not Home

Ever wonder what your hubby and little one are doing when you're not around? Are they burning the house down? Is your daughter up three hours past her bed time again? If they haven't made a video like this one, it's likely you don't know what they're really doing.

Luckily, we scoured the web and found out exactly what goes on when you're not home — and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

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1. They groom.


2. They catch up on wordly affairs.


3. They eat your iPad.

4. They unwind in front of the tube.

5. There may be some face-playing going on ...

6. ... or flying.

7. And they may even plot to take over the world.

8. They'll probably watch Star Trek.

9. They'll definitely make each other laugh.

10. They create masterpieces in the kitchen.

11. and engage in friendly debates over lunch.

12. Dad might sneak in a computer game or two.

13. They'll pull out their best moves on the dancefloor ... or the dining room table.


14. Then, after the sun sets, and (most of) the toys are put away, they'll call it day.


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