What Straight Couples Can Learn From Gay Relationships

Whether we're gay, straight or bisexual, we all crave love in our lives. However, is there a takeaway for straight couples in committed relationships from gay couples? What can we learn from each other?

When therapist Dr. Pat Love stresses the fact that everyone can benefit from the acceptance of gay relationships, we couldn't agree more. For starters, it's been found that same-sex couples tend to communicate with one another because of the fact that they are the same gender. This pretty muchs means that more listening time equals less arguing. According to Dr. Love, "Research shows that gay and lesbian couples talk about difficult subjects in a more healthy fashion." She also went on to say that "In a gay or a lesbian relationship these two people have had to face some inherent hardships — the prejudice that they both face — and they face it together, so they've learned how to deal with hardships." Another important aspect is that there are not any forced gender roles. For example, the person who likes to cook tends to cook more where as in straight relationships, it's been found that the male may sometimes try to force the woman to cook. Many gay couples are also capable of being faithful to one another. This just proves that we're not as different as society tries to make us believe.